7. I load my container under dry conditions and it is very tightly sealed. How come I still experience moisture problems?
If there are still moisture problems we can easily say that the number of units per containers currently is not sufficient and it is advisable to increase the units per container. There are many factors for bigger amounts of moisture inside the container.
Examples of those factors are:
Container floor: Recent studies carried out by R&D department, proved that the moisture content of the wooden floors is higher than they used to be. That is partly because of the quality of the wood that is being used nowadays and partly because the floors are being cleaned with water and they are not dried out enough before being used. Packaging: Wooden pallets always contain more than 20 % moisture, which always causes problems whichever products are put on the pallets. The packaging, often being cartons, contains a lot of moisture in itself, which will spread into the cargo or vaporizes into the air.
Products: The biggest factor of moisture inside a container is the products itself. The MC varies roughly spoken between 10% and 35%. When the MC reach the 25%, the cargo is in the danger zone.
Journey and climate factors: When all the above mentioned factors are controlled and there is still a problem, they surely are the conditions during transport. The first point of consideration is the transport time. It depends on the destination and more importantly the climate during shipment and final destination. Basically the changes in temperature and automatically the relative humidity is the cause of condensation. If long transits cannot be avoided, again our advice is to add more units to absorb the extra water molecules.

8. I ship consumer goods in tubes/cans/jars etc that contain no moisture, yet I still have problems.
As said before the moisture comes from the container floor, pallets, open ventilations, weather change during journey. And it will condense on the tubes/cans/jars that cause corrosion and labels to fall off.

9. Each container of my cargo of peanuts/coffee/cocoa contains tons of moisture. What difference does it make if TOPDRY absorbs a few liters moisture during a voyage?
Topdry absorbs the exceeding water molecules in the air and reduces the Relative Humidity inside the container, so that it will not reach the dew point.

10. Does it make a lot of difference that my cocoa beans have a moisture content of 8% instead of 7% ?
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