One percent more or less doesn't make a difference, especially not when the MC is on the lower side.

11. My cargo of peanuts had suffered damage in the centre even though the outside of the cargo looked fine and there were no signs of condensation?
Condensation on the surface of your cargos can evaporate quickly, but it takes more time for the moisture which gets trapped deeper. Before it evaporates back to the air, mold and fungus would have already grown.

12. How does Silica gel works?
Silica gel is the most common type of desiccant in use today. It is a porous sand and can absorb moisture in the air, often up to 40 % of it′s weight. However, silica gel absorbs moisture best in small, confined spaces and often end up getting saturated in a very short time span, making them unsuitable for container shipments. Beware that some silica gel - the blue contains cobolt - is toxic, and can not be disposed of any which way.

13. Do I still need to use silica gel in my boxes?
It is definitely not a bad idea to use sachets of silica where the air is tight and moisture is trapped, like in boxes and items packed in plastics.

14. My Cargo was damaged even though I used a lot of silica gel and there was no condensation. Would it help to switch to TOPDRY?
Perhaps there was not enough Silica Gel put inside the container. You need about 40Kg Silica Gel for a 20" container. I can assure you a better result with Topdry Desiccants. Silica works pretty well in smaller closed spaces, like shoeboxes. It absorbs very quickly and is often already saturated before the container is moved.

15. What is so great about TOPDRY anyway?
We have superb products that actually reduce the RH inside the container. When it absorbs moisture the powder base will change into a gel. It is more efficient and safe in use. Even when the product gets damaged, it will not spill any water on the goods. It is easy, safe and inexpensive solution for the problems with moisture damage.

16. How many units must be put in one container?
That depends on many things. The container size, the cargo, moisture of cargo, moisture of container's floor, moisture of pallets, length of journey, weather during journey and so on. An example: a 20 feet container with KD (Kiln Dried) furniture needs 4 units, while 20" air dried furniture needs 6 units. We generally offer expert advice regarding optimum usage of the desiccants
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