for best results.
17. Do I need to line my container with Kraft paper?
Sweat or Kraft paper is a commonly used method of containing "rainfall" that occurs inside a container. Normally it is installed under the ceiling to absorb the moisture that may occur due to container rain. It is most useful while shipping goods that have very high moisture condensation, but it can not replace a desiccant that soaks up the humidity before it even turns into rain.

18. My containers are stuffed till the top. Can TOPDRY still be useful?
It seems that there is almost no free air in the container, while there is actually a lot of free air between the products, and Topdry absorbs the moisture in that air and prevents condensation.

19. I have problems with mold growth inside my shrink-wrapped pallets. Will TOPDRY help?
No, unless you make holes so the water molecules won't get trapped.

20. My shipment of steel/galvanized components, aluminum, machinery etc. arrives corroded, stained or discolored, despite heavy packaging. Will TOPDRY help?
Yes, as long as you put enough units per containers and do not wrap the items in plastic.

21. Can I re-use my TOPDRY Desiccants?
Topdry Desiccants are one-time usable, environmental neutral and disposable as normal waste.

22. My cargoes are outdoor furniture with brass parts on it. When the goods arrive at the destination the wooden part is in perfect condition but the brass part has slight stains on it. What should I do to avoid this? Should I use more units of TOPDRY?
In some cases, it can happen. I can suggest adding one or two more units and wrapping it properly with only single face carton.

23. I notice that two kinds of containers available in the market right now, which are steel and aluminum types. If I shipped the same commodity inside of steel and aluminum containers should I used same numbers of TOPDRY or not?
There is not much difference between those containers, so you don't have to adjust the number of units.

If you have any other question, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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